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Saturday, January 17

Fiendish Tropical Islands!!

Feeling a bit of the winter...malaise and dreadfully in need of a tropical holiday, I thought that Mondserrat would set me right. The trip I scrambled out of an escape hatch...

And deposited myself on a beach that seemed to be free of dancing girls and refreshing beverages featuring rum, but was full of shipwreck debris and these fellows.

More 'modern' art I suppose *hic* palm trees, big flowery this looks more like it. Oooh a kitty. Nice kitty!!!

Me and the nice kitty!

I stumbled upon what appeared to be a teddy bear picnic. The teddies proved to be more irascible than Aunt Juniper even. And armed with Napalm.

After fleeing the cute little homicidal maniacs and checking to see that I was not still on fire, I paused by this curious sign. How silly, what Meteorites???

Oh...that meteorite. Right...

After trudging up more bloody hills, getting stung by bees, I stumbled across a temple of the "Happicat". Thankfully, the temple appears to provide free food, as I had been wandering for hours and had yet to find a pub on this blasted island.

After stumbling around for a few more hours, I chanced upon this wondrous sight!! I shall admit to weeping with joy...

Awakening groggily the next morning under the bar....I continued my journey...filled with a strange dread...or perhaps that was just the cheeseburger...

Ooh! What a shiny and colorful vehicle!! Unfortunately it was filled with shouty and bad tempered aliens...

Giant volcanic kitty!!

Feeling rather rough after several hours of dodging things, running away from things and falling down hills.... and rather in need of a....vacation ...from the tropical island....I managed to flag down a passing fishing vessel, who were kind enough to deposit me at the nearest hospital in Port Caledon.

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