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Wednesday, November 21

My dear cousin Violet is entirely too soft hearted when it comes to small critters. Where I saw a plump and tasty thanksgiving dinner here, she sees a new family pet. Pfft. (hic) can see it hypnotizing her right there. See? Don't look into it's hypnotic turkey eyes Violet! Oh...too late. (hic)

So instead of a nice thanksgiving dinner (hic) I have an empty stomach and a turkey named Ned with an attitude problem. Don't you use your turkey hypnosis on me, Neddie boy.


Until next time,


Monday, November 19

(hic) ooo a bit chilly ....where am I? Thought I wass (hic) in Regenceeey.....ACK! Snowman!

It's looooking at meeeee!


I am much afeared of snowmen......spooky things...

until next time,

Thursday, November 8

Went on a pub crawl and made some new friends...

This is one of my new chums. Not sure what his name is, as he gurgled something unintelligble, so I call him "Bluey". Bluey's a big fella!

And here's Jeremiah. Handy with the icy breath as the champange always stays perfectly chilled!
Until next time. (hic)