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Wednesday, February 24

Part 4: Uncle Theo appears

When last we left, I was being poked with a stick by a horrid little urchin:

I stared up...up...the long coat, the thick, cigar clutching fingers, the bristly beard that seemed to radiate displeasure and into the cold, gimlet eyes of Uncle Theo.

I coughed and blinked.  "Uncle Theo?" I said just to be on the safe side.  It could have very well been an hallucination from the plants I was forced to subsist on while I was hiding from the police.

 "Yes, you ass.  I am your Uncle Theodore, now get up or I'll let Simon have at you again."
He affectionately patted the mangy head of the stick wielding urchin who beamed up at him.  "Yes Simon, I'm sad to say this wretch is your cousin."  This unleashed another assault from the little devil who now began to thrash me with his stick.
"Get up, Daddy says you haf to"
"Yes, I will ..just stop ...bloody hell!! That hurts!"
"Don't swear in front of the moppet!"
Grumbling darkly, I managed to stand and dust myself off under the combined glares of Uncle Theo and his progeny.

"So Phineas, I believe the question is, how on earth did you get here?"

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