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Monday, June 30

The fugitive..

I apologize if my last post seemed a bit was due to a combination of shock and smoke inhalation....

It is day three of my forced...forced exile from Regency. *sobs* Why will no one believe that I did not set fire to the house? It was the unicorn, I tell you!! Did no one see that maniacal glint in Eleanor's the unicorn's eye??

I sleep during the day and forage for crumbs of food and a stiff shot of whiskey in the evenings. I bathe in forest streams...*is startled by a tiny and hides behind a tree*

What was I saying? ...

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Darien Mason said...

Dear Mr. Matova,

Please Sir, there's no need to torment yourself by living in the shadows. We have a bed prepared for you at the Sanitorium in Caledon Tamrannoch where you can rest and recover your nerves, where the "unicorn" won't bother you any more.

All you need to do is approach a Caledonian official, or a member of the Caledon Red Cross or the Europan Consulate, and we'll help you get the treatment you need.


~Dr. Darien Mason